Tuition at the Brocket Hall Golf Academy


The Brocket Hall Golf Academy is no ordinary facility; it's more than just a place to hit balls, more than just a lesson. It's not like the typical facility because we understand what it takes to improve at the game. That's why the Academy was purpose-built in 22 acres of woodland with grass areas to play from. Add to that top grade 'real' Titleist balls and putting greens, chipping greens, par 3 short course and a long game driving range - off either real turf or from covered bays - and an indoor studio and the result is one of the best practice facilities in the UK.

Our coaching philosophy follows the total approach too because we know what it takes to improve or learn this game. We use experience and highly qualified professionals specialising in the key areas of the game: the swing, fitness & health, the mind, equipment, and of course, the game. Most importantly every lesson is tailored to your golf needs - unique for each and every one of us - because when it comes to golf we know that one method or approach doesn't work with everyone.

Our goal is to improve your golf. We appreciate you are an individual, and to this end there are a range of options for you to choose from; from a single 20 minute lesson to a full 9 month performance programme. We have also included specialist programmes like our "Start Golf" package, the Junior Academy for the young golfers, golf schools and exclusive specific themed clinics.



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