Coaching Club

A personalised and well planned training programme is recognised as the best way to improve your golf through constant sustained sessions. Whatever level you are this approach will certainly help you get the results you are looking for through a complete tailored approach to your golf, season after season.

The aim is to make sure your new techniques and game skills will stay with you. Our goal is that you will be able to perform under pressure and take yourself to new levels of confidence and performance which is where this programme is different from the traditional "tell and teach" approach; you will learn and keep the techniques.

Each programme starts with a discussion about you and your golf, leading to an assessment session usually involving an on-course "real play" setting. This is where we see you and your skills in action instead of on the safe area of the range. Then you will have a review with your coach who will then plan with you the best schedule.


For full details and pricing please click here to download our tariff sheet.

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