Specialised Classes

We offer a selection classes dedicated to specific areas of the game, to benefit all round improvement. For further information or to book a session, please contact us:
01707 368867  |  lessons@brocket-hall.co.uk

Start Golf Programme

This is our own uniquely designed programme where you will learn golf in a fun interesting and very beneficial way as the 18-week programme will guarantee you to be able to play on the course.

Programme includes all equipment, access to the Academy to practice, and 10% discount in the Golf Shop.

Junior Golf Academy

Fun-filled with scheduled learning of all the skills needed to play the game. All groups are in small classes up to a maximum of 8 students only. The groups are divided into ability, not age, for a superior learning experience.

Sessions are available on the weekend, afternoons from 1pm and in the school holidays. The Junior Academy is mindful of the development of the golfer and the person and to this end we develop many life skills, athletic skills as well as game skills with the syllabus.

Stretch Class

We all know flexibility is vital for golf and so these classes are designed to work on and maintain your flexibility. They are also aimed at helping your recovery after golf to avoid long term injuries due to the rigours of golf.

Flex, move and be loose classes: TPI Flex & Stretch

The Titleist Performance Institute has been leading the way in golf conditioning for a decade. We have two certified professionals on our team who will train you either in a 1:1 or a group session.

You will have a personal screening to understand your current movement limitations and abilities and from there we will train you to move in a better way, helping your golf swing be more efficient.

Golf is not an everyday movement so we need to keep our capability to play this great game through the right conditioning in order to play for years to come.



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