Lady Melbourne

Lady Melbourne suite is one of the principal suites on the first floor with stunning views over the Broadwater Lake.

The Lady Melbourne is one of our most popular principal suites, with amazing period windows it is bright and airy with stunning views across over the lawn, Broadwater Lake and the Melbourne golf course. Often taken over as a bridal suite for weddings, Lady Melbourne has a quintessentially British four-poster bed, lots of space to relax and get ready and a well appointed bathroom with period features. 

The Prince of Wales was so taken by the inestimable charms of Lady Peniston Lamb (the 1st Lord Melbourne's wife) that he raised the couple to peerage and they took on the title of Lord and Lady Melbourne. A special ‘diplomatic door’ was commissioned which was cut through the wall, leading from her bedroom into the stairwell. This was used by Lady Peniston to by-pass Lord Melbourne’s suite when the illicit pair wished to meet. Originally the Lady of the house entered her bedroom via her husband’s adjoining bedroom, hence the connecting door. This space is now also used as a wardrobe.

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