With an original hand painted ceiling and a beautiful grand chandelier, the Ballroom at Brocket Hall is the perfect location for your next special occasion. 

The Ballroom is one of the most breathtaking rooms in the Hall. The guests of today live and breathe a history and elegance that has been prominent for centuries. Dating back to the start of the 1760's, the Ballroom has always been a significant part of the Hall with the grand ceiling half of the expense of the whole House.

At 60 feet long, 30 feet across and ceilings of 30 feet high, the Ballroom is a room with both grandeur in scale and in decor. The leading subjects in the ceiling, which was painted by Sir Francis Wheatley, depicts the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Chandelier is by Perrys of Whitefriars, who went bankrupt in 1768, the year the House was completed. The fireplace is a Robert Adam and the mirror frames are all Chippendale, both original to the House. 

In 1784 the Prince of Wales presented a portrait of himself, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, to Lady Melbourne. A copy still hangs at the end of the Ballroom. It departs from traditional portraits of the period in that the hindquarters of the horse on which the Monarch leans are somewhat more prominent than contemporary taste dictated. The Prince of Wales is said to be expressing a certain resentment towards Lord Melbourne, of whose Wife he was romantically engaged with. 

The scene of the historical moment when Lady Caroline Lamb introduced the Waltz to England - the first time dancing included any sort of touching - the room has no shortage of interesting tales and important events. Take the opportunity to dine on the Prime Minister's Table which was installed by William Lamb in anticipation of his elevation to the highest office in the land. Local legend tells of one year when Lady Caroline served herself, naked, from a large tureen for her husband's birthday!



Banqueting Style



Cabaret Style



Prime Minister's Dining Table



Did you know...

The Prime Minister's Table is the second longest in the UK! (The longest is at Windsor Castle)

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