Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall inspires guests the moment they walk through the entrance as it provides a glimpse of the previous days when this stately home was used as a private residence. Guests should look to their right as you enter; a painting by William Tomkins from 1768 gives a fascinating insight into the estate from a bygone era. Dinner will be signalled by your own team of Butlers using the traditional gong which has been used for centuries and sits proudly in the Front Hall. 

The Entrance Hall was designed to be deliberately plain, this was done so as not to detract from the spectacular inner Hall and Staircase. The flagstone floor was chosen to accommodate the muddy riding boots that would have damaged a hardwood surface. 

The Entrance Hall is a fantastic space to greet your guests as they arrive at the Hall. Allow the Butlers to see to their luggage and serve the Champagne whilst you welcome them to Brocket Hall, as has been a tradition over the past 200 years.

Did you know...

During the Second World War over 8,000 babies were born here when Brocket Hall became the London Maternity Hospital. There is a plaque in the Entrance Hall to recognise Brocket Hall's part in the war effort. 

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