Morning Room

The perfect place to greet your guests after their journey to Brocket Hall

Situated on the south side of the Hall with stunning views across the Broadwater Lake, the Morning Room is the perfect place to greet your guests after their journey to Brocket Hall. Welcome them in with a drink from the drinks trolley and set them beside the fire.

The many seascapes are copies of those collected by the 1st and 2nd Lord Brockets and show the French were defeated by the British Navy. 

The Morning Room features a fireplace that is still, to this day, original to the house, making it one of the most unique rooms in Britain. Located next to the Ballroom, the Morning Room is a perfectly suited space to enjoy a Champagne reception as you and your guests arrive, before being called into the Grand Ballroom for dinner.

Did you know...

Look up at the ceiling when you enter the Morning Room. The ceiling depicts urns and grapes, designed to inspire guests to eat, drink and be riotous which suggests that the room was originally intended to be a dining room.

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